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H - Solo-Songs zu den Beatles-Songs
 auf Solo-LP von ...
♦   Hall Of Dance   Paul
♦   Hand Gun Promos   Ringo
♦   Handle With Care   George
♦   Hanglide   Paul
♦   Hand In Hand   Paul
♦   Hands Of Love (im Medley)   Paul
♦   Happy With You   Paul
♦   Happy Xmas (War Is Over)   John
♦   Hard Times   Ringo
♦   Hard Times Are Over (Yoko Ono)   John
♦   Hard To Be True   Ringo
♦   Hari's On Tour (Express)   George
♦   Harry's Song   Ringo
♦   Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?   Ringo
♦   Have You Seen My Baby (Hold On)   Ringo
♦   Haymakers   Paul
♦   Heading For The Light   George
♦   Heal The Pain   Paul (mit George Michael)
♦   Hear Me Lord   George
♦   Heart Of The Country   Paul
♦   Heart On My Sleeve   Ringo
♦   Heather   Paul
♦   Heaven On A Sunday   Paul
♦   Helen Wheels   Paul
♦   Hello Goodbye   Paul
♦   Help Me To Help Myself   John
♦   Help! (The Beatles)   John
♦   Help!   Paul
♦   Help From My Friends   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   Helter Skelter   Paul
♦   Here Comes The Moon   George
♦   Here Comes The Sun   George
♦   Here Today   Paul
♦   Here We Go Again   John
♦   Here, There And Everywhere   Paul
♦   Here's To The Night   Ringo
♦   Hey Baby   Ringo
♦   Hey Diddle   Paul
♦   Hey Hey   Paul
♦   Hey Jude   Paul
♦   Hi Hi Hi   Paul
♦   Highway   Paul
♦   Hi-Heel Sneakers   Paul
♦   Hiroshima Sky Is Always Blue   Paul (mit Yoko)
♦   His Name Is Legs (Ladies And Gentlemen)   George
♦   Hold Me Tight (im Medley)   Paul
♦   Hold On   John
♦   Hold the Line (Steve Lukather)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   Home Tonight   Paul
♦   Hold Your Head Up (Rod Argent)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   Home (When Shadows Fall)   Paul
♦   Homeward Bound   George (mit Paul Simon)
♦   Honey Don't   John
♦   Honey Don't   Ringo
♦   Honey Hush   Paul
♦   Hong Kong Blues   George
♦   Hope For The Future   Paul
♦   Hope Of Deliverance   Paul
♦   Hopeless   Ringo
♦   Hosanna   Paul
♦   Hot As Sun   Paul
♦   Hotel In Benidorm (soundcheck)   Paul
♦   Hound Dog   John
♦   House Of Wax   Paul
♦   How Do You Sleep?   John
♦   How Kind Of You   Paul
♦   How Long (Paul Carrack)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   How Many People   Paul
♦   How?   John
♦   However Absurd   Paul
♦   Hungry Eyes (Eric Carmen)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   Hunt You Down   Paul
♦   Husbands And Wives   Ringo
♦   Hushabye Hushabye   John