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G - Solo-Songs zu den Beatles-Songs
 auf Solo-LP von ...
♦   Gat Kirwani   George
♦   Gave It All Up   Ringo
♦   Geraldo Rivera   John
♦   Get Back   Paul
♦   Get Back   George
♦   Get Enough   Paul
♦   Get It   Paul (mit Carl Perkins)
♦   Get Me Out Of Here   Paul
♦   Get On The Right Thing   Paul
♦   Get Out Of My Way   Paul
♦   Get Started   Paul
♦   Get Yourself Another Fool   Paul
♦   Getting Better   Paul
♦   Getting Closer   Paul
♦   Gimme Some Truth   John
♦   Girlfriend   Paul
♦   Girls' School   Paul
♦   Girls Talk (Dave Edmunds)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   Give A Little Bit (Roger Hodgson)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   Give Ireland BackTo The Irish   Paul
♦   Give It A Try   Ringo
♦   Give Me Back The Beat   Ringo
♦   Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)   George
♦   Gimme Some Truth   John
♦   Give Me Something (Yoko Ono)   John
♦   Give More Love   Ringo
♦   Give Peace A Chance   John
♦   Give Peace A Chance   Paul
♦   Give Peace A Chance   Ringo
♦   Glamorous Life (Sheila E.)   Ringo and his ALL Starr Band
♦   Glass Box   George
♦   Go Now   Paul
♦   God   John
♦   God Save Oz (Elastic Oz Band)   John
♦   Going Down   Ringo
♦   Going Down To Golders Green   George
♦   Going Down On Love   John
♦   Going To New Orleans (My Carnival)   Paul
♦   Golden Blunders   Ringo
♦   Golden Earth Girl   Paul
♦   Golden Slumbers   Paul
♦   Gone Are The Days   Ringo
♦   Gone Troppo   George
♦   Gonna Need Someone    Ringo
♦   Good Day Sunshine   Paul
♦   Good News   Ringo
♦   Good Rockin' Tonight   Paul
♦   Good Sign   Paul
♦   Good Times Coming - Feel The Sun   Paul
♦   Goodbye Amsterdam, Goodbye   John
♦   Goodnight   John
♦   Goodnight Princess   Paul
♦   Goodnight Tonight   Paul
♦   Goodnight Vienna   Ringo
♦   Goodnight Vienna   John
♦   Gopala Krishna   George
♦   Got My Mind Set On You   George
♦   Got To Get You Into My Life   Paul
♦   Gotta Get Up To Get Down   Ringo
♦   Gratitude   Paul
♦   Greasy Legs   George
♦   Great Cock And Seagull Race   Paul
♦   Great Day   Paul
♦   Greece   George
♦   Grey Cloudy Lies   George
♦   Groovin' (Felix Cavaliere)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   Grow Old With Me   John
♦   Grow Old With Me   Ringo
♦   Growing Up Falling Down   Paul
♦   Guru Vandana   George
♦   Gypsies In Flight   Ringo