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T - Solo-Songs zu den Beatles-Songs
 auf Solo-LP von ...
♦   Tabla And Pakavaj   George
♦   Take It Away   Paul
♦   Take The Long Way Home (Roger Hodgson)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   Takin' Care Of Business (Randy Bachmann)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   Talk More Talk   Paul
♦   Tango All Night   Ringo
♦   Taxman   George
♦   Teach Me To Tango   Ringo
♦   Teardrops   George
♦   Tears Of The World   George
♦   Teddy Boy   Paul
♦   Tell Me What Has Happened To You   George
♦   Temporary Secretary   Paul
♦   Thank God For Music   Ringo
♦   Thanks For The Pepperoni   George
♦   That Day Is Done   Paul
♦   That Is All   George
♦   That Was Me   Paul
♦   That Which I Have Lost   George
♦   That Would Be Something   Paul
♦   That's All Right (Mama)   Paul
♦   That's The Way God Planned It (Billy Preston)   George
♦   That's The Way It Goes   George
♦   That's What It Takes   George
♦   The Answer's At The End   George
♦   The Back Seat Of My Car   Paul
♦   The Ballad Of John & Yoko (The Beatles)   John
♦   The Ballad Of Skelleton   Paul
♦   The Broadcast   Paul
♦   The Christmas Dance   Ringo
♦   The Christmas Song   Paul
♦   The Claudel String Quartet Variation Concertantes   Paul
♦   The David Frost Show   John
♦   The Day The World Gets 'Round   George
♦   The Devil's Been Busy   George
♦   The End   Paul
♦   The End   Ringo
♦   The Family Way   Paul
♦   The Fool On The Hill   Paul
♦   The First Stone   Paul
♦   The Girl Is Mine   Paul (mit Michael Jackson)
♦   The Glamorous Life (Sheila E)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   The Glory Of Love   Paul
♦   The Great Cock And Seagull Race   Paul
♦   The Great Wok   John
♦   The Inch Worm   Paul
♦   The Inner Light   George
♦   The Kiss Of Venus   Paul
♦   The Light That Has Lighted The World   George
♦   The Little Drummer Boy   Ringo
♦   The Long And Winding Road   Paul
♦   The Lord Loves The One (That Loves The Lord)   George
♦   The Lovely Linda   Paul
♦   The Lovers That Never Were   Paul
♦   The Luck Of The Irish   John
♦   The Man (mit Michael Jackson)   Paul
♦   The Mess   Paul
♦   The Note You Never Wrote (Denny Laine)   Paul
♦   The Other Me   Paul
♦   The Other Side Of Liverpool   Ringo
♦   The Pound Is Sinking   Paul
♦   The Really "Serious" Introduction (Quincy Jones & Ringo Starr)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   The Rishikesh Song   John
♦   The Rising Sun   George
♦   The Song We Were Singing   Paul
♦   The Stroke (Billy Squier)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   The Trembler   George (Duane Eddy)
♦   The Turnaround   Ringo
♦   The Very Thought Of You   Paul (mit Tony Bennett)
♦   The Weight (Levon Helm)   Ringo and his All Starr Band
♦   The World Tonight   Paul
♦   Theme For Something Really Important   George (Duane Eddy)
♦   Theme From The Family Way   Paul
♦   Things We Said Today   Paul
♦   Think About You   Ringo
♦   Think For Yourself   George
♦   Think It Over   Ringo
♦   This Be Called A Sog   Ringo
♦   This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)   George
♦   This Is Love   George
♦   This Loving Game   Paul
♦   This Never Happened Before   Paul
♦   This One   Paul
♦   This Song   George
♦   Three Legs   Paul
♦   Through Our Love   Paul
♦   Tight A$   John
♦   Time   Ringo
♦   Time To Hide (Denny Laine)   Paul
♦   Tiny Bubble   Paul
♦   Tired Of Midnight Blue   George
♦   To Know Her Is To Love Her   John
♦   To You   Paul
♦   Together   John
♦   Together   Paul
♦   Togehter   Ringo (mit Keith Moon)
♦   Tommy’s Coming Home   Paul
♦   Tommy’s Holiday Camp   Ringo
♦   Tomorrow   Paul
♦   Tonight   Ringo
♦   Too Many People   Paul
♦   Too Much Rain   Paul
♦   Touch And Go   Ringo
♦   Tough On A Tightrope   Paul
♦   Tragedy   Paul
♦   Trans Lunar Rising   Paul
♦   Transcrystaline   Paul
♦   Transpiritual Stomp   Paul
♦   Travelling Light   Paul
♦   Treat Her Gently (Lonely Old People)   Paul
♦   Trippin' On My Own Tears   Ringo
♦   Tropical Island Hum   Paul
♦   True Love   George
♦   Try Not To Cry   Paul
♦   Try Some Buy Some   George
♦   Tuesday   Paul
♦   Tuff Love   Ringo
♦   Tug Of Peace   Paul
♦   Tug Of War   Paul
♦   Turned Out   Paul
♦   Tweeter And The Monkey Man   George
♦   Twenty Fine Fingers   Paul
♦   Twenty Flight Rock   Paul
♦   Twice In A Lifetime   Paul
♦   Twist And Shout (The Beatles)   John
♦   Two Magpies   Paul
♦   Two Minutes Silence    John
♦   Two Virgins   John