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C - Solo-Songs zu den Beatles-Songs
 auf Solo-LP von ...
♦   C Moon   Paul
♦   C-Link   Paul
♦   Caesars Rock   Paul
♦   Cafe On The Left Bank   Paul
♦   Calico Skies   Paul
♦   Call Me   Ringo
♦   Call Me Back Again   Paul
♦   Cambridge 1969 (voc. Yoko)   John
♦   Can She Do It Like She Dances   Ringo
♦   Can't Buy Me Love   Paul
♦   Can't Do It Wrong   Ringo
♦   Can't Stop Thinking About You   George
♦   Carry That Weight   Paul
♦   Celtic Stomp   Paul
♦   Central Park Stroll (dialogue)   John
♦   Check My Machine   Paul
♦   Cheer Down   George
♦   Children Children   Paul
♦   Choose Love   Ringo
♦   Christian Bop   Paul
♦   Christmas Eve   Ringo
♦   Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)   Paul
♦   Christmas Time Is Here Again   Ringo
♦   Circles   George
♦   Cleanup Time   John
♦   Cloud Nine   George
♦   C'mon Down C'mon Baby   Paul
♦   C'mon People   Paul
♦   Cockamamie Business   George
♦   Cold Turkey   John
♦   Come Home   Paul
♦   Come On Christmas, Christmas Come On   Ringo
♦   Come On To Me   Paul
♦   Come Together   John
♦   Coming Undone   Ringo
♦   Coming Up   Paul
♦   Confidante   Paul
♦   Confirmation   Ringo
♦   Confort Of Love   Paul
♦   Congratulations   George
♦   Coochy Coochy   Ringo
♦   Cook Of The House (Linda McCartney)   Paul
♦   Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love)   Ringo
♦   Cool Dry Place   George
♦   Coquette   Paul
♦   Corridor Music   Paul
♦   Cosmic Empire   George
♦   Cosmically Conscious   Paul
♦   Country Dreamer   Paul
♦   Cowboy Music   George
♦   Crackerbox Palace   George
♦   Crackin' Up   Paul
♦   Crippled Inside   John
♦   Grocked Boy    Ringo
♦   Crossroads   Paul
♦   Cryin'   Ringo
♦   Crying   George
♦   Cuff Link   Paul
♦   Cut Me Some Slack   Paul (mit Ex-Nirvana)
♦   Cut the Cake (Hamish Stuart)   Ringo and his All Starr Band