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Pantomime: Everywhere It´s Christmas (1966)
    (The Beatles Fourth Christmas Record)
Beatles & Mal Evans

am 16.Dezember 1966 Mono-Flexi Single für Beatles-Fan-Club
am 18.Dezember 1970 ♦ LP "From Then To You" The Beatles Christmas Record

Ultimate Christmas Collection
From Then To You (Purple Chick Deluxe)

Datum Take / Aufnahme Ort / Bemerkung
25.11.66 Everywhere It´s Christmas (0:33)
Orowanyna Corsican Choir And Small Choir (0:48)
A Rare Cheese Two Elderly Scotsmen (0:33)
The Feast (0:44)
The Loyal Toast (0:26)
Podgy The Bear And Jasper (0:53)
Felpin Mansion:
Part One The Count Balder And Butler (0:36)
Part Two The Count Balder And The Pianist (0:27)
Please Don´t Bring Your Banjo Back (0:43)
Everywhere It´s Christmas (0:03) (Mal Evans)
Everywhere It´s Christmas (reprise) (0:54)
Studio Dick James House, London
02.12.66 Mono Abmischung
Everywhere It´s Christmas
Abbey Road Studio , Raum 53, London
Abm. von Tony Barrow