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Ringo Starr - Ringo
(02. November 1973)

 1.  I'm The Greatest
 2.  Have You Seen My Baby (Hold On)
 3.  Photograph
 4.  Sunshine Life For Me (Sail Away Raymond)
 5.  You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful And You're Mine)
 6.  Oh My My
 7.  Step Lightly
 8.  Six O'Clock
 9.  Devil Woman
10.  You And Me (Babe)
Bonus auf CD (1991):
11.  It Don't Come Easy
12.  Early 1970
13.  Down And Out

 ♦ Singles
  Sept./Okt. 1973

Down and Out
Dez.73(US) / Febr.74(GB, D)

You’re Sixteen
Devil Woman

März 74 (D)
UK-Export, special edition
Oh My My
Step Lightly
  Jan. 1976 (GB, D)
anlässlich "Blast From The Past"

Oh My My
No No Song (von "Goodnight Vienna")