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Remastered 2015

Paul McCartney - Pipes Of Peace
(31. Oktober 1983)

 1.  Pipes Of Peace
 2.  Say Say Say (mit Michael Jackson)
 3.  The Other Me
 4.  Keep Under Cover
 5.  So Bad
 6.  The Man (mit Michael Jackson)
 7.  Sweetest Little Show
 8.  Average Person
 9.  Hey Hey
10.  Tug Of Peace
11.  Through Our Love
Bonus auf CD (1993):
12.  Twice In A Lifetime
13.  We All Stand Together (Full Version)
14.  Simple As That

 ♦ Single - Michael Jackson / Paul McCartney
Oktober 1982
7' Single

Picture Single (UK)

12' Maxi (D)

... auch eine nur einseitig bespielbare Single (USA)
The Girl Is Mine
Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney - "The Girl Is Mine" (von LP Thriller)
Michael Jackson - "Can’t Get Outta the Rain"
 ♦ Single's
Oktober 1983
7' Single

Say Say Say
Ode To A Koala Bear

12' Maxi


Nov. 2015

Say Say Say (2015 Remix)
Say Say Say (Instrumental)
Say Say Say (Remix)
Say Say Say (Instrumental)
Ode To A Koala Bear
Dez. 1983


Pipes of Peace
So Bad
So Bad
Pipes Of Peace