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Paul McCartney - Press To Play
(25. August 1986)

 1.  Stranglehold
 2.  Good Times Coming - Feel The Sun
 3.  Talk More Talk
 4.  Footprints
 5.  Only Love Remains
 6.  Press
 7.  Pretty Little Head
 8.  Move Over Busker
 9.  Angry
10.  However Absurd
nur auf CD:
11.  Write Away
12.  It's Not True
13.  Tough On A Tightrope
Bonus auf CD (1993):
14.  Spies Like Us
15.  Once Upon A Long Ago (Long Version)
Bonus - Download (iTunes - 2007) :
    Press (12" Bevans/Forward dub mix)


 ♦ Single's

November 1985
7' Single
Dezember 1985 (UK)
Picture Single 7'
    November 1985
12' Maxi
Dezember 1985 (UK)
12' Picture
Spies Like Us
My Carnival
Spies Like Us (Party Mix)
Spies Like Us (Alternative Mix)
Spies Like Us (DJ Version)
My Carnival (Party Mix)
10.Juli 1986 (UK+D)
nach wenigen Tage zurückgezogen
It’s Not True
20.Juli 1986
7' Single

Press (Video Edit)
It’s Not True

12' Maxi

Press (Bevans-Forward Mix)
It’s Not True
Press (Dubmix)
August 1986 (UK)
10' Maxi

Press (Original Mix)
It’s Not True
Press (Video Edit)
Oktober 1986 (EUR)
7' Single

Pretty Little Head
Write Away

12' Single

Pretty Little Head (Long Remix)
Angry (Remix)
Write Away
  November 1986 (USA)
7' Single

Angry (Remix)
  Dez.86 (EUR) / Jan.87 (USA)
7' Single

Only Love Remains (Remix)
Tough on a Tightrope
12' Single

Only Love Remains (Remix)
Tough on a Tightrope (Long Remix)
Talk More Talk (Remix)
 ♦ auf anderen LP's 1986 / 1987

The Anti-Heroin Project
It's A Live-In World
November 1986
Simple As That
Recorded Highlights Of The Prince's Trust 10th Anniversary Birthday Party
April 1987
    auf LP
    - Get Back
auf beiliegender Single
      - Long Tall Sally & I Saw Her Standing There
 auf CD
    - Get Back & Long Tall Sally
Duane Eddy
Rockestra Theme
(Bass & Back-Vocals)