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The Archive Collection (2018)

Paul McCartney - Wings Wild Life
(03. Dezember 1971)

 1.  Mumbo
 2.  Bip Bop
 3.  Love Is Strange
 4.  Wild Life
 5.  Some People Never Know
 6.  I Am Your Singer
 7.  Bip Bop Link (Instr.)
 8.  Tomorrow
 9.  Dear Friend
10.  Mumbo Link (Instr.)
Bonus auf CD (1987):
11.  Oh Woman Oh why
12.  Little Woman Love
13.  Mary Had A Little Lamb
Bonus auf CD (1993):
11.  Give Ireland Back To The Irish
12.  Mary Had A Little Lamb
13.  Little Woman Love
14.  Mama's Little Girl
Bonus - Download (iTunes - 2007):
   Give Ireland Back To The Irish (instrumental)

 ♦ Single's
    (da keine Singleauskopplungen von "Wings Wild Life" in Europa/USA hier auch Weißmuster, Promo und Exoten)
im Jan. 72 geplant
(nur Weißmuster)

Love Is Strange
I Am Your Singer
1972 (Ghana)

Love Is Strange
Wild Life
1972 (Mexiko)

Love is Strange
I Am Your Singer
1972 (Promo Frankreich)

Bip Bop
1972 (Türkei)

Bip Bop
Love Is Strange
1971 (Venezuela)

Love Is Strange
1972 (Venezuela)

Wild Life (Part I)
Wild Life (Part II)
 ♦ Single's 1972

Febr. 1972
Febr. 1972 (D)
Mai 1972
Dez. 1972
Dez. 1972 (D)
Give Ireland Back To The Irish
Give Ireland Back To The Irish (instrumental)
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Little Woman Love
Hi Hi Hi
C Moon