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John Lennon - Milk And Honey
(23. Januar 1984)

 1.  I'm Stepping Out
 2.  Sleepless Night (Yoko Ono)
 3.  I Don't Wanna Face It
 4.  Don't Be Scared (Yoko Ono)
 5.  Nobody Told Me
 6.  O'Sanity (Yoko Ono)
 7.  Borrowed Time
 8.  Your Hands (Yoko Ono)
 9.  (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess
10.  Let Me Count The Ways (Yoko Ono)
11.  Grow Old With Me
12.  You're The One (Yoko Ono)
Bonus auf CD (2001):
13.  Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him (John Lennon Version)
14.  Stepping Out (Home Version)
15.  I'm Moving On (Home Version) (Yoko Ono)
16.  Interview with J & Y December 8th, 1980

 ♦ Singles

Jan. 1984

Nobody Told Me
O’Sanity. (Yoko)
März 1984 (USA)
7'er Single (UK)
12'er Maxi (UK)
Borrowed Time
Your Hands (Yoko)
wie Single inkl.
Never Say Goodbye (Yoko)
Juli 1984 (USA)
7'er Single (UK)
12'er Maxi (UK)
I’m Stepping Out
Sleepless Night (Yoko)
wie Single inkl.
Loneliness (Yoko)
Okt. 1984
(von Tribut-LP)

Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him
It's Alright (voc. Sean Lennon)
  Nov. 1985 (UK & D)
   Jealous Guy (von Imagine)
   Going Down on Love (von Walls And Bridges)
- auf UK-12'er inkl. Oh Yoko (von Imagine)
  April 1991 (USA)

Nobody Told Me
I’m Stepping Out