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Double Fantasy Stripped Down
remixt & remastert

John Lennon - Double Fantasy
(16. November 1980)

 1.  (Just Like) Starting Over
 2.  Kiss Kiss Kiss (Yoko)
 3.  Cleanup Time
 4.  Give Me Something (Yoko)
 5.  I'm Losing You
 6.  I'm Moving On (Yoko)
 7.  Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
 8.  Watching The Wheels
 9.  Yes I'm Your Angel (Yoko)
10.  Woman
11.  Beautiful Boys (Yoko)
12.  Dear Yoko
13.  Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him (Yoko)
14.  Hard Times Are Over (Yoko)
Bonus auf CD (2000):
15.  Help Me To Help Myself
16.  Walking On Thin Ice (Yoko)
17.  Central Park Stroll (dialogue)

 ♦ Singles
Okt. 1980 (USA)(UK + D)
(Just Like) Starting Over / Kiss Kiss Kiss (Yoko)
Jan. 1981 (USA + D)(UK)
Woman / Beautiful Boys (Yoko)

März 1981

Watching the Wheels
Yes, I’m Your Angel (Yoko)
auch in RSD Singles Bag (2010)

  Juni 1981 (US)

(Just Like) Starting Over
Nov. 1981 (US)

Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
Watching the Wheels
Febr. 1981 (USA + UK)(D, 12er Maxi-Single)
Yoko Ono
Walking on Thin Ice / It Happened


John Lennon & Elton John
I Saw Her Standing There
Whatever Gets You thru the Night
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Madison Square Garden
März 1981 (UK)


Neuabmischung 1995
Made In England

  1981 - 12er Maxi-Single (D)

I'ts So Hard
  Jan. 2001 (USA)
(blue vinyl)

(Just Like) Starting Over
Watching the Wheels
Jan. 2001 (USA)
(transp. vinyl)

Walking on Thin Ice (Yoko)