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John & Yoko: The Interview
(12. November 1990 nur in GB)
♦ Interview für BBC Radio 1 mit Andy Peebles am 06.Dezember 1980 in der Hit Factory
CD 1   1966-1972
    A Few Words for Level
    Memories of the BBC
    Meeting at the Indica Gallery
    The End of the Beatles Tours
    Two Virgins
    Yoko and the Beatles in 1969
    An Englishman Abroad
    Having a Baby
    Give Peace a Chance
    Live Peace in Toronto
    Wedding Album
    Cold Turkey & Drugs
    Lyceum UNICEF Benefit
    Instant Karma!
    John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band
    The Move to New York
    Power to the People
    How Do You Sleep
    Deportation Case
    Some Time in New York City
    Woman Is the Nigger of the World
    Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
    Concept of Plastic Ono Band
    Time for a Break
        CD 2   1973-1980
    The BBC World Service
    Mind Games
    The Lost Weekend
    Five Years Away from Music
    Working with Elton John
    #9 Dream
    Working with David Bowie
    Phil Spector & Harry Nilsson
    Shaved Fish
    Going ‘Underground’
    House Husband
    Fatherhood with Sean
    Contract with Geffen
    Musicians for Double Fantasy
    Love of British Comedy
    (Just Like) Starting Over
    A New Prolific Era
    Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) - Sean
    I’m Losing You
    New Wave, Reggae, Disco
    A Sense of Security