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Nagra Tape B-Roll´s - 09.Januar 1969
90 B auf Kum Back Vol. 5
91 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 5
92 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 5
93 B auf Kum Back Vol. 6
94 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 6
95 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 6
96 B  - vermisst
97 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 6
98 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 6
99 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 6
100 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 6
101 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 6
102 B auf Kum Back Vol. 7
103 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 7

... Fortsetzung der Kum Back Vol. 5 vom 08.Januar

Kum Back Vol. 5
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Nagra Tape Roll 90 B (16:23)
   ♦ Dialogue 
   Another Day(9.01)
   ♦ Unknown / Instrumental(9.02-9.03)
    The Palace Of The King Of The Birds(9.04-9.05)
    Let It Be(9.06)
    The Long And Winding Road(9.07)

Nagra Tape Roll 91 B (16:24)
    Let It Be(9.08)
    Her Majesty(9.09)
    Golden Slumbers(9.10)
    Carry That Weight(9.11)
    The Long And Winding Road(9.12a)

Nagra Tape Roll 92 B (16:15)
    The Long And Winding Road(9.12b-9.14)
    Oh! Darling(9.15)
   ♦ Instrumentals(9.16-9.17)


Kum Back Vol. 6
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Nagra Tape Roll 93 B (16:16)
   ♦ Instrumentals(9.18-9.19)
    For You Blue(9.20-9.24)

Nagra Tape Roll 94 B (16:07)
    For You Blue(9.25-9.27)
   ♦ Improvisation(9.28)
    Two Of Us(9.29-9.31)

Nagra Tape Roll 95 B (16:06)
    Two Of Us(9.32-9.36)

Nagra Tape Roll 96 B   - vermisst

Nagra Tape Roll 97 B (16:13)
    I´ve Got A Feeling(9.41, 9.43-9.44)
    The One After 909(9.45, 9.48)
    Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)(9.49)
    She Came In Through The Bathroom Window(9.50-9.52)
    She Came In Through The Bathroom Window(9.54-9.57)

Nagra Tape Roll 98 B (16:14)
   ♦ Unknown(9.58)
   ♦ Dialogue 
    Get Back(9.61-9.62, 9.64)
    Let It Be(9.65)
   ♦ Instrumental(9.66)

Nagra Tape Roll 99 B (16:09)
   ♦ Instrumental(9.68)
    Across The Universe(9.69-9.70, 9.73-9.74)
    Across The Universe(9.80)
    Shakin´ In The 60s(9.83)
    Good Rockin´ Tonight(9.85)
    House Of The Rising Sun(9.88)
    Commonwelth Song(9.89)
    Enoch Powell(9.90)
    Get Off(9.91)

Nagra Tape Roll 100 B (16:17)
    For You Blue(9.94a)
    Get Off(9.94b)
    Hi Ho Silver (Yakety Yak)(9.95)
    For You Blue(9.96, 9.100-9.101)
    Quit Your Messing Around(9.102)
   ♦ Instrumental(9.103)
    All Together Now(9.104)
    Ramblin´ Woman(9.105)
    I Threw It All Away(9.106)
    Mama You Been On My Mind(9.107)

Nagra Tape Roll 101 B (15:48)
    Let It Be(9-108-9.109, 9.112)
    That´ll Be The Day(9.113)
    Jenny Jenny(9.115)
    Slippin´ And Slidin´(in 9.115)
    Let It Be(9.116-9.117)


Kum Back Vol. 7
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Nagra Tape Roll 102 B (16:15)
    Let It Be(9.117-9.119, 9.120b)

Nagra Tape Roll 103 B (first half Roll) (7:40)
    Let It Be(9.120b-9.122)
   ♦ Dialogue 

... weiter mit Kum Back Vol. 7 am 10.Januar