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Nagra Tape B-Roll´s - 08.Januar 1969
80 B  auf Lost Day By Day Rolls
81 B auf Kum Back Vol. 4
82 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 4
83 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 4
84 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 4
85 B auf Kum Back Vol. 5
86 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 5
87 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 5
88 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 5
89 B   auf Kum Back Vol. 5

Lost Day By Day Rolls
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Nagra Tape Roll 80 B (12:18)
    I Me Mine (8.01-8.04)
   ♦ Dialogue)

... Fortsetzung der Kum Back Vol. 4 vom 07.Januar

Kum Back Vol. 4
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Nagra Tape Roll 81 B (16:11)
    Get Your Rocks Off(8.06)
   ♦ Improvisation(8.07-8.08)
    Hi Ho Silver(in 8.08)
    Hare Krishna Mantra(8.11)
    Two Of Us(8.14)
    You Got Me Going(8.15)
    Don´t Let Me Down(8.17)

Nagra Tape Roll 82 B (16:14)
    I´ve Got A Feeling(8.18)
    She Said She Said(8.23)
    Bathroom Window(8.24)
    One Way Out(8.25)
    MacArthur Park(8.26)
    All Things Must Pass(in 8.26, 8.27, 8.29-8.31)

Nagra Tape Roll 83 B (16:39)
    All Things Must Pass(8.33-8.37)
    Fools Like Me(8.41)
    You Win Again(8.42)
   ♦ Improvisation(8.43)
    Bathroom Window(in 8.43, 8.44-8.47)
    Boogie Woogie(8.49)

Nagra Tape Roll 84 B (16:00)
   ♦ Improvisation(8.52-8.53)
    Maxwell´s Silver Hammer(8.56, 8.58-8.60,
8.65-8.66, 8.68-8.69)
    I Me Mine(8.71-8.72)


Kum Back Vol. 5
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Nagra Tape Roll 85 B (16:04)
    Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde(8.74)
    Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh(8.75)
    I Me Mine(8.76)
    Oh! Darling (8.80)
    Let It Be(8.82)
    I Me Mine(8.87-8.93)

Nagra Tape Roll 86 B (16:20)
    I Me Mine(8.94-8.101)
    The Long And Winding Road(8.102-8.104)
    I Me Mine(8.106)
    Tell All The Folks Back Home(8.107)
    I Me Mine(8.109)
   ♦ Improvisation(8.110)

Nagra Tape Roll 87 B (16:29)
    Almost Grown(8.116)
    I Me Mine (8.123-8.124, 8.131-8.132)
    The Long And Winding Road(8.134-8.138)

Nagra Tape Roll 88 B (16:14)
    The Long And Winding Road(8.138)
    Let It Be(8.139)
    To Kingdom Come(8.141)
   ♦ Dialogue 

Nagra Tape Roll 89 B (6:40)
   ♦ Dialogue 

... weiter mit Kum Back Vol. 5 am 09.Januar