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The Capitol Albums Vol. 1
4 CD Box
(erschienen November 2004)
CD Meet The Beatles
CD The Beatles´ Second Album
CD Something New
CD Beatles 65´
(alle Titel jeweils in Mono & Stereo)

CD Meet The Beatles
  alle Titel in Stereo & Mono
♦ I Want To Hold Your Hand
♦ I Saw Her Standing There
♦ This Boy
♦ It Wont Be Long
♦ All I´ve Got To Do
♦ All My Loving
♦ Don´t Bother Me
♦ Little Child
♦ Till There Was You
♦ Hold Me Tight
♦ I Wanna Be Your Man
♦ Not A Second Time

CD The Beatles´ Second Album
  alle Titel in Stereo & Mono
♦ Roll Over Beethoven
♦ Thank You Girl
♦ You Really Got A Hold On Me
♦ Devil In Her Heart
♦ Money (That´s What I Want)
♦ You Can´t Do That
♦ Long Tall Sally
♦ I Call Your Name
♦ Please Mister Postman
♦ I´ll Get You
♦ She Loves You

CD Something New
  alle Titel in Stereo & Mono
♦ I´ll Cry Instead
♦ Things We Said Today
♦ Any Time At All
♦ When I Get Home
♦ Slow Down
♦ Matchbox
♦ Tell Me Why
♦ And I Love Her
♦ I´m Happy Just A Dance With You
♦ If I Fell
♦ Komm, gib mir deine Hand

CD The Beatles 65´
  alle Titel in Stereo & Mono
♦ No Reply
♦ I´m A Loser
♦ Baby´s In Black
♦ Rock And Roll Music
♦ I´ll Follow The Sun
♦ Mr. Moonlight
♦ Honey Don´t
♦ I´ll Be Back
♦ She´s A Woman
♦ I Feel Fine
♦ Everybody´s Trying To Be My Baby